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Birthday Wishes

Ms. Mary is celebrating her 90th birthday this month! She spent her life working as a nursing assistant. Working in the homes of those facing serious illness, comforting them, caring for their physical needs and loving them back to health. She loved her patients. Now she is experiencing this care from the other side of the bed. Ms. Mary depends on her son Eddie and the Covenant Hospice caregivers to help her through the days and nights. 

In getting to know this precious soul we learned that fishing was one of her most loved hobbies. Catching the fish, preparing them and cooking for her family are some of her favorite memories. To this day she dreams of fishing.  When asked “what would you like for your birthday?” she responded….”fried fish, hush puppies and a nice birthday cake to share with my family.” As we got to know her better, we learned cats are her favorite pet. Unable to care for a kitty at this time, My Wish will gift her with a sweet, soft animated kitten, that purrs, roles over, and cuddles, perfect for her to love on in her bed. A few other gifts include sweet new soft gowns, and other items that make a bedbound patient more comfortable.

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